Our Journey

In a world where fashion is constantly evolving, there are individuals who possess a unique talent for transforming appearances and defining personal style in men suits and shirts in Houston, Texas at Valnti. Hadi Elbanna, the visionary behind Valnti, epitomizes this talent. Originally pursuing a career in industrial engineering, Hadi discovered his true passion for fashion and has since become a leading figure in the industry. Today, Valnti stands as a testament to Hadi's unwavering dedication to helping others create their own sense of style. Join us as we delve into the journey of Hadi Elbanna and explore the latest exquisite offerings from Valnti, where elegance meets innovation.

Hadi Elbanna in blue suit

Hadi Elbanna

 Hadi grew up in Lebanon and came to the United States to pursues a career in industrial engineering. While that career path didn't work out, he found a new passion with clothes when he opened his first store 20 years ago. Now, in those few and far between moments he's not helping customers, he enjoys reading, traveling, and of course, challenging his son to a pick-up basketball game.

Valnti is a family business that meets the increasing demand for fitted, high quality clothes. The inspiration for Valnti was born out of our own frustration to find a suit that could fit. Most times, we would have to settle for outdated designs, poor fabrics, and worse- a manufactured, boxy fit. As men who want to feel better about their fit, we sought out to find a way to make it better. With over 20 years of customer inputs, source searching, and some trial and error, we found the perfect fit. Now, we've expanded our playbook to shirts and more.